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Selling a House?

Here's how you get a jump on the competition

For Real Estate Agents

In the competitive field of real estate, agents are always looking for an edge.  Sell more homes, sell them quickly, and sell them for more money.  Not only do you have to meet the needs of your client, but you also have to stay a step ahead of other agents.  If you are a real estate agent and you are reading this, then you are on your way to selling homes faster and for more money. 

Studies like this one in the Wall Street Journal ( statistically prove what appears to be common sense: professional photography of homes made them sell quicker and for more money.

The beauty of this needs no explanation.  When home buyers see beautiful photographs of one home taken by a professional photographer with top-notch equipment and expertise in photo-editing software versus the typical point-and-shoot variety that litters MLS listings the choice is clear.