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"(Mike) was not intrusive and captured genuine moments from my wedding. He is a definite keep if you are looking for a reliable, professional and quiet photographer. He was detailed orientated and took many pictures of the wedding set up while capturing photos of my beloved family. I did not feel like he was asking me to pose for particular pictures but instead, he was able to capture these moments in real time. Note: he was our reception photographer."

Nikki and Sergei


Mike was fantastic. He caught the emotions of our wedding in the best and most creative shots. His professionalism, follow-up, direction and personality were top-notch. Not to mention he was extremely quick to respond, and his follow-through and advice throughout planning and on our day was so helpful. He spent the day and evening with our friends and family and fit right in! He made our wedding a breeze and memorable. We couldn't be happier with Focal Point!!

Lindsey and Brad

Mike was an EXCELLENT photographer especially if you like the photojournalistic style of photography. We had no idea that he was even in the room half the time, but once we got the pictures back we found tons that were great candid shots that really helped set the mood of the wedding. Mike was very friendly, very flexible and had a very fair price for his services. His helper (Courtney) was courteous as well and was great with crowed control and kids during group shots. Mike's shots in his portfolios were always different and never felt like he was going to follow a "script" to his photography. When shopping photographers, we noticed a big trend of shot styles during weddings and even noticed the same in one of our friends once we saw the photos. With Mike, we felt our experience was truly personal, and that he was doing his best to capture OUR moment. Thank you so much.

Beth and Carl


Mike was wonderful to work with! He listened to our vision for our wedding day photography. The images beautifully capture the joy of the day and will be cherished forever. I highly recommend him as an engagement and wedding photographer.

Erica and Michael



Took outstanding photos, I hate my photo taken and he still seemed to impress me with some of the photos I was in. What I really was impressed with was that he got some great moments from our wedding of family and friends. Did great work and would recommend to everyone. He also was very quick we got our photos before we got back from our honeymoon, which they were received with in 1 1/2 weeks after our wedding. We got to view our photos online within a week, was awesome.

Rebecca and Chad



We love our wedding pictures!! We really feel like you captured the day perfectly! It was so nice to go through and see all our guests laughing and having a great time! I'm absolutely thrilled with how the father daughter dance pictures turned out!! Everything looks great, thank you so much!!!

Chelsea and Mike

Mike was absolutely wonderful to work with and we were so pleased with everything he provided us! My husband and I were planning our wedding from 4 hours away, which had it's own challenges, but Mike was very understanding and flexible. Traveling to Green Bay, where our wedding was held, was not always do-able with our schedules, but Mike didn't require to meet with us before hand, nor did he require engagement pictures, which would have been difficult to fit in. He was also very responsive and accessible communicating through email, getting back to us very quickly with answers to our questions/concerns. He also provided a BEAUTIFUL final product in not only wonderful pictures of our special day, but with the promised DVD with all of the shots, mailed to us only 2 weeks after the wedding. He was fun and easy to work with on the big day, and was a great sport, with us being his longest wedding to shoot with 10.5 hours! He made the most of it and had fun with us. Thank you, Mike!!

Becca and Steven


Mike was awesome! He was able to capture a ton of candid photos, shoot the traditionals and add in some different aspects of the day in a neat way. He was there when we needed/wanted and in the background for the perfect candids. I would recommend him to anyone!

Kayla and Thomas


Mike did an excellent job with our wedding pictures! As we were planning the wedding long distance from Alaska the first time we met was the day of the wedding! We are completely blown away with the quality of pictures. Mike was a joy to work with and was more into impromptu pictures over staged which is what we wanted. The CD that was sent to us was a work of art in itself! I would highly recommend Mike and Focal Point Photography!

Stephanie and Jeff


Mike did a great job capturing our wedding. We had a bit of a non traditional ceremony and he seemed to capture all those little precious moments with very high quality photos. He was easy going just like us, and I also had so many people comment that the photographer was not even noticable to them because he was so good at what he did! A big thank you to Mike for giving us priceless images of our special day!

Linda and Craig



Mike did a great job & he was so flexible with our changing schedule! Due to venue closures, we needed to move our wedding to a new location and compromise a few things. Mike was great with the schedule & worked around our time! We loved his professionalism and friendliness!

Lisa and Rick


We had a great experience with Focal Point for our wedding. Mike was very responsive both before and after the wedding and accomadating to our requests. I also appreciated the flexibility and the pricing. We got our photos back very shortly after the wedding and we love them - they do a great job of capturing the whole day. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

Carrie and Nate


Mike was great. He did our engagement pictures too and was super flexible when we had to switch days the week before due to rain. And I absolutely loved our wedding pictures! They turned out better than I could have hoped for. And he was so easy to get ahold of beforehand, he always responded promptly to my emails.

Jill and Greg


Mike was great! He was laid back, but was extremely professional. His photos were beautiful. Some photographers charge a minimum of 2500.00, and Mike's rate was very reasonable and his work was extraordinary. I'd recommend his services to any bride out there!

Caitlyn and Mike


A lot of time goes into planning a wedding and before we knew it the big day was here. Many people told us cherish the day it goes by so fast, and they were right. The day went by in a flash. We were so impressed with Mike's ability to capture everything that went on around us on our wedding day. He captured the obvious big moments; the ceremony, cutting the cake, speeches, etc. but almost more special to me was that he captured the many small moments that went on without us even knowing. He got us our pictures a week and a half after our wedding day. The pictures arrived in a personalized case with instructions on care and printing. Mike's professionalism and expertise was more than we could have asked for. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Carolyn and Ry



We loved the professionalism that Mike had to offer. He responded to emails promptly and was detailed in his explanations and answers to our questions. He was flexible to accomodate what we wanted for our wedding. We loved his candid style, as he took many fantastic photos that captured our day perfectly. We would 100% recommend Focal Point Photography for your event!

Julia and Nels


We could not be happier with the photos Mike captured on our special day! Everytime we look through them it is like reliving our wedding all over again. Mike got so many great shots of our guests too and everyone has commented on how much our photos captured the atmosphere of the day perfectly! Overall he was great to work with and was very accommodating when our venue changed and we wanted to change our schedule so close to the day! His pay by the hour pricing was very reasonable and worked out very well for us. The best part- we got to see our pictures within a week and had them in hand within 2. They even came in an adorable box and personalized case! If you're looking for a great photographer with an eye for candid shots, look no further!!!

Andrea and Phil


We couldn't be happier with the photos Mike captured on our wedding day. We appreciated Mike's professionalism throughout the day, and his ability to adjust and go with the flow. We choose Mike to photograph our big day because of his ability to capture small moments, and because of his unique pricing by the hour versus packaged pricing. We loved the candid style that Mike uses. So many of our favorite memories are documented in the pictures for us to remember for a lifetime. All of our guests were so excited to see the photos as well, because they were included. One of the best parts is that we got to see our photos a couple days after the wedding, and got the actual photos within a week and a half after the wedding! We have already highly recommended Mike to our friends, family, and colleagues. Mike was captured some amazing photos and was so great to work with on a day that is so special!

Emily and Tyler


Mike did a fantastic job!  He arrived on time and was quick to respond to any emails before the big day.  Got the pictures we had asked for done right away after the ceremony in regards to formal, family and group shots. He was able to capture wonderful candid shots the rest of the evening.  Mike's main photography style is candid, which the guests and we loved!  Guests at the wedding stated how awesome he was and how dedicated he was to getting good pictures.  Not only did we have good pictures of the bridal party but we have great memories of our guests having a blast.  Thanks again for the professional service!

Marissa and Jake

Mike was extremely easy to work with and just what we needed for our wedding. We worked with him long distance and emailed him 3 times max before the wedding. We had him come for our posed portraits, ceremony, and dinner/reception up until after the first dance since we were a budget wedding. He did a great job working with the difficult lighting at our venue (it was an extremely bright, sunny day) and was more critical of his pictures than we would ever be. We received the pictures extremely quickly (online in 6 days, by mail within 14 days) and they are awesome. We highly recommend Mike and are very happy we contracted his services.

Danielle and Joe


Mike did a great job of doing exactly what he said he was going to do when we first met. He said he tries to capture the storyline of the day through his photography. He did such a wonderful job of this that even though we chose not to hire a videographer, our special day feels completely documented. He does a great job of capturing the personality of the individuals as well as the personality of the wedding as a whole. We would highly recommend Mike to future couples as our final prints were everything we could have hoped for.

Brittany and Dan


Mike was awesome, he is friendly and professional while still being personable and fun to work with. He was great about responses and helpful with information. Got the CD back super fast, before we got back from our honeymoon! And it was in a great little sleeve that we can cherish forever. Thanks Mike!

Liz and David



Mike was wonderful to work with! We had a period of rain on our wedding day but Mike went with the flow and got some really great pictures! He had a lot of his own ideas for shots to take but also used all of our suggestions as well. He was efficient and was able to quickly take the large family photos but also spent a lot of time with my husband and I and we feel like we got all of the pictures we wanted. Some of my favorite pictures were the ones during the ceremony that were not staged. He has a great eye for pictures in the moment and really captured some very emotional moments.

The turnaround time after the wedding was really great too! He had a link for us to view the online gallery days after the wedding, and a DVD with all of our pictures within about 2.5 weeks. I have seen people charge triple the price of Mike and not do nearly as well of a job. I would recommend him for anyone looking for a great photographer. Thanks, Mike!

Lindsey and Tom


I was absolutely AMAZED by the quality of service for the photography that we contracted through Focal Point Photography for our wedding. We met with Mike before hand to see his work and get a feel for his style. Our photography was one of the last vendors that we secured, and we were a bit nervous that no one decent would be available. We had a budget, and the only vendors we found seemed to be frankly over priced. This was not AT ALL the case with Focal Point. I'm very happy that we didn't have to decipher some ridiculous pricing structure to figure out the cost for what we wanted to have.

I would, and already have recommended Focal Point Photography to anyone looking for a reasonably priced photographer with a fantastic eye for detail and a knack for getting comfortable, natural pictures.

Jenny and Don


Mike was very quick to respond to questions before and after making our contract. He was very willing to go "outside the norm" and be flexible for our ceremony. We had a bit of an unconventional wedding, but he adapted to the situation. We really appreciate him being so flexible and making the best of an unknown situation!

Tina and Todd

Mike provided amazing service from the start to finish. We organized everything over email, and met the day of the event. We were initially apprehensive about conducting business this way; however, the quality of Mike's work made all that apprehension seem silly. He was highly professional, and worked with us throughout our event to ensure he was covering everything we needed. He was a ghost during the ceremony and reception, and we did not realize he was taking photographs. Because of his ghost like ability to float through the room without being noticed, he was able to capture so much emotion in his images. The quality of his work is impeccable, and he has a strong artistic eye. We are so pleased with the images he captured, and would recommend Mike to anyone. Mike is super flexible, and we really liked his hourly rates. We needed to add additional time as the reception occurred, and he was happy to extend his time and work with us for some truly memorable shots of us. Finally, he got our images posted online within a week, and we received our DVD shortly there after.

Bottom line, we can’t say enough good things about Mike!      Becky and Michael

Mike was extremely flexible with our wedding day, as the weather almost didn't cooperate. It was defintely a 'go with the flow' type atmosphere the whole afternoon as the rain let up for outdoor pictures. He had such a vision for the shots he took, both for romantic and group photos. Everyone is visible and smiling in every shot. His fly on the wall approach helped him capture the truly intimate photos during the pre-ceremony, ceremony, and the reception. I also loved that we got the photos back within 2 weeks, and are able to print our own pictures at our leisure.

Karen and Andrew


Mike was really wonderful to work with! We were on a very tight budget, and his flexibility in what he is willing to do (charging by the hour, for example) helped us out a lot. Other photographer's packages just did not give us what we wanted, but we were able to get exactly what we needed with Mike. He was very responsive, very professional, and we loved the quality of our wedding photos. He really got some great shots, and his experience shows. He also got our photos edited and posted in our online gallery within days of our wedding, and we also got our DVD within a couple of weeks. Excellent service from a really nice guy!!

Michelle and Scott


We used Focal Point Photography for our Wedding in August of 2010 and went back for our son's 1 year photos. We are in Madison and were more than willing to drive up to Appleton to use Focal Point again. We were not disappointed. We had a full hour session and had over 60 photos returned to us the very next day. All brilliantly colored and clear. We received a disk with all the photos later that week and are able to get copies made at will.

I've been showing off our beautiful photos to family and friends and they are all very impressed. We've received numerous compliments and requests for Focal Point's Contact information. I would highly recommend Focal Point Photography to anyone looking for a photographer no matter what the occasion.

Sara and Justin


The pictures captured the emotions and moments we were EXACTLY looking for! Unforgettable day caught perfectly on film! Would and have highly recommended Focal Point for any occasion!

Melissa and Terry


Mike was a great photographer and took some amazing shots! His style was outstanding, and his shots when people weren't paying attention highlight the excitement of the night. The detail of the pictures, as well as value are remarkable! And the disk of pictures has a very personal touch. We have recommended Mike to a few of our friends, and will continue to do so.

Caitlin and Steve


We found Mike through (WeddingWire) and we are SO glad that we did! Mike did a wonderful job at photographing our wedding day with formal pictures and in capturing those special moments while blending in to the surroundings. Mike made everyone feel very comfortable and allowed us to enjoy the day without adding any extra stress. He was professional and flexible from our initial consultation right through receiving our finished materials. Mike added those extra touches that a couple may not think of. We have received many compliments on the quality of his work and his ability to capture the emotion of the day. Thank You, Mike!!

Gina and Pat


We call Mike our ninja photographer. He was always taking great shots, yet we never noticed his presence. We are extremely pleased with our photos, making Focal Point Photography a great value. Mike was also flexible; when things went long he was completely willing to stay an extra hour. Mike was professional at all times and we could tell he enjoys his work. We highly recommend him.

Eva and Joshua


Mike struck the perfect balance of being professional and fun to work with. He captured the mood of the day and happily accommodated our special requests. Overall, we had a great experience and we have great photos to prove it!

Elise and Dhan


Mike was a very professional and personable photographer. His photography was exactly what I was looking for. His work is beautiful and our wedding cd came in a decorative cd case...nice extra! Our wedding day went so fast I didn't even realize what actually happened that day. I had to go back and look at our wedding pictures to see it all. He captured our day! My husband now had put me on a wedding budget on our photographer under $1000 and I feel we got well worth what we paid! Great job Mike!!!

Tracy and Brad


We are so happy we chose Focal Point Photography. Mike did an amazing job capturing our wedding day. He is extremely professional, easy going, and attentive. He managed and directed large group photos with poise and was very patient. Overall, we could not be happier!

Laura and Joe


My experience with Focal Point was excellent! Mike did a great job of capturing our day. We really wanted the majority of our pictures to be candid and not too posed. That is exactly what we received. Mike was able to take all the love that was at our wedding and put it into photos. His prices were extremely reasonable and we were able to view our photos in the online gallery just a few days after our wedding. We received a disc with all of our photos a week later! I would definitely recommend Mike at Focal Point Photography!

Sheila and Scot



Mike was outstanding! I planned the whole wedding from out of state and he was very flexible and understanding through the whole process. Additionally, we had to move the location of the ceremony last minute due to poor weather and he was able to make quick changes and adapt without sacrificing the results of the photos. During the reception, he was able to blend in so much that we could barely tell he was there. Do not hesitate to hire him. The quality of his pictures were beyond what we could have hoped or dreamt of. His pictures will be cherished by my husband and I for a lifetime.

Bethany and John


We booked Mike with Focal Point Photography and we were more than satisfied with Mike. His pictures are amazing and his personality fit right in with my wedding party. He was fun to work with and has fun and exciting ways to make pictures perfect! I highly recommend him for your big day! He is very easy to communicate with, he was always timely on responding to my questions! You won't make a mistake by going with Focal Point Photography!

Chelsea and Eric

Mike was amazing to work with. I was having a hard time finding a photographer as I live in Chicago and my wedding was in Neenah, WI. When I called Mike at Focal Point Photography the first time I knew he would be a great fit for my now husband and I. He had great ideas and we talked on the phone multiple times before my wedding. He was very flexible about timing. He met us at a park and we took pictures at multiple parks in Neenah. My bridal party, my husband and I had a fun time during pictures. Mike was very personable and had great ideas for cute pictures. He captured some of the reception decorations that I spent a lot of time making and didn't see them during the wedding as I was so busy. It is very nice having the pictures of my hard work. Our pictures were in so fast and my family was able to go on his website and view them right away. Mike could not have done a better job capturing our personality it really shows through in all of our pictures. I could not imagine having another photographer at my wedding.

Katie and Jim


Mike was friendly, helpful and professional from start to finish. His flexibility was a godsend not only during the hectic weeks leading up to our wedding, but also on the big day. We were pleased with all of the photos he took, but some of his unique and creative compositions have become by far our favorites. We have no regrets hiring Mike for our wedding. You won't either!

Becka and Philip


My husband and I got married June 5th, 2011 and could not be happier with the service we received with Focal Point Photography. Mike is professional, passionate, talented, creative, responsive, fun, energetic, and down-to-earth. The communication and customer service is top-notch, and the price and quality can not be matched! You will NOT be disappointed!!

Jenny and Chris


Mike was so easy to work with. Very flexible. He took our ideas and added his own. Great value for the quality of the images! He seemed to catch special little glances that no one else may have seen. The reason we chose him also was the "ambience" photos he captures. Really makes you relive the whole experience of your wonderful day!

Carrie and Mark

I don't know where to begin?!? For starters all of the pictures were AMAZING!! The quality of the prints turned out incredible; the colors were so clear and vivid. You were extremely easy to work with! We got a lot of positive comments from the wedding party saying how fun you were and made posing for pictures not so boring! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family. Thank you very much Mike; we greatly appreciate everything you did for us!! Thanks a million.

Heather and Matt


Everything was perfect! All the pictures we received were beautiful! Our family and friends couldn't stop raving about them. Even the guy that developed them for me couldn't believe how gorgeous the pictures were. And he makes you feel 100% comfortable, confident, and natural during the picture taking. Photo sessions can get long and boring, but you don't notice this at all with Mike. We will definitely recommend Mike to anyone who needs a photographer in the future.

Sara and Justin


Our initial interest was due to the affordability of Mike's prices. After meeting and working with him, the affordability factor took a back seat to Mike's flexibility, professionalism and his genuine friendliness. Mike made the photo taking process fun and had really good ideas. We loved the candid shots! We highly recommend Focal Point Photography for those events that you would like to record for your memories. Thanks again Mike!!

Nicole and Jon

In the past, we had a great deal of difficulty scheduling our people to get professional portraits taken. We typically chose to work with franchise photo studios that charged an average of $50 - $60 for the sitting and electronic file, and we had mixed success. It was very convenient having you come and set up here and our people needed only a few minutes to get their portraits taken. All of the pictures turned out so much better than 50% of the photos we already have on file from the "franchise" studios we used in the past. And the price for our group wasn't any different that what we would have paid to the "franchise" studios anyway.

Jessica Jacobson
Nercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc.




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